May 16 RELEASE — The fifth release in the Dry Hop Series is the first that is 100% Spontaneous Fermentation. This blend of 1, 2, 3 and 4 year Spontaneous Fermentation barrels is dry hopped with a unique blend of hops from drastically different regions: Australian Galaxy and Czech Saaz. This hop blend brings a fun balance of tropical fruit, ripe juiciness, floral, spice, and herbaceous complexity. These flavours complement the depth of the spontaneous beer and the bright citric acidity..

How to try Galaxy & Saaz

Launch Experience

Thursday, May 16
Be the first to try Galaxy & Saaz at the launch experience, a week before the public release. Enjoy a pour of this new release at The Monolith, with the option of taking a tour of the barrel rooms where this beer fermented for years. Our talented kitchen team will be serving up a pairing dish to complement the complexity of this dry hopped beer.

Save on your beer by ordering a ticket in advance. Tickets will also be available at the door.

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The Monolith

Available starting Thursday, May 23
Try this new dry-hopped beer at the taproom. Pours will be available to stay, with bottles to go.

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Available starting Thursday, May 23
Biera will have pours of Galaxy & Saaz to stay, and bottles to-go.

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Biera Market

Available starting Thursday, May 23
We’ll be pouring samples of this new beer at the Biera Market. Bottles will be available to-go, alongside all the rest of our beers and Biera’s treats.

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