Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company is proud to announce the first release from its Spontaneous Fermentation program at The Monolith. A labour of love six years in the making, Spontaneous Manifesto marks a milestone as The Monolith’s inaugural 100% Spontaneous Fermentation release. Made using historical methods developed in Belgium over generations, this blend of equal proportions of 1, 2, & 3 year barrels inoculated only by the air of Edmonton is our quintessential Spontaneous Fermentation blend.

Spontaneous brewing is an exceptionally specialized and unique method of making beer. The ambient air of the region around the brewery is used to cool and inoculate the beer with natural microorganisms for fermentation. No other microorganisms are added to create the beer. In essence, Spontaneous Manifesto is a direct reflection of the microflora of the city of Edmonton and the Ritchie neighbourhood; it is an expression of true terroir. Spontaneous brewing is rarely done in modern breweries due to the technical challenge and variable results. Historically, it is primarily made in a small region in and around Brussels and has expanded to a rare few other breweries around the world in the modern era.

The coolship where spontaneous inoculation takes place at The Monolith.

While working at Cantillon in Brussels, The Monolith Head Brewer, Doug Checknita, had the opportunity to learn age-old techniques used in traditional Lambic brewing. Doug says, “The vision when returning home to run The Monolith was to combine my new knowledge of traditional techniques with modern technology and scientific method to push boundaries when making our Spontaneous beer. I believe we’ve succeeded with Spontaneous Manifesto.”

Spontaneous Manifesto showcases classic stone fruit, apple and citric flavours and aromas with some bright red wine fruitiness, and subtle tannin, highlighted by a balanced acidity. We hope you like it!

The barrel room at The Monolith where the beer fermented for up to 3 years.

How to get your hands on Spontaneous Manifesto

Barrel Fest

Saturday, September 23
Spontaneous Manifesto will be released at Barrel Fest 2023, our festival of barrel-fermented and barrel-aged beer. Get your tickets to try this new beer alongside some of the most unique brews from across Canada.

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The Monolith

Available starting Saturday, September 23
Try this beer first at The Monolith. Pours will be available to stay, and bottles to-go.

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Available starting Saturday, September 23
You can also try this beer at Biera. Pours will be available to stay, and bottles to-go.

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Biera Market

Available starting Saturday, September 23
If you’re trying the beer at Barrel Fest and want to take some home with you, the Biera Market is your destination. Bottles will be available to-go, alongside all the rest of our beers and Biera’s treats.

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