Our second release from the Monolith is called Substantially Complete. As with many of our beers this name is a play on words. It combines references to the Monolith largely being complete as a brewery (finally), the physical manifestation of the building, and the second beer representing the realization of our objectives for the mixed fermentation program thus far. Here is the description from the label:

Substantially Complete reflects The Monolith both as a physical entity and the beer it produces. This is our quintessential beer—adventurous, yet balanced. This beer was fermented using a house-blend of microorganisms in French oak barrels for one year. It was bottle-conditioned for seven months before release. It has a medium acidity and a bold peach and citrus fruit character.

In the story of Measure of Patience we cover many of the same items that are important to Substantially Complete. It’s a mixed fermentation beer, it’s fermented for a year in the same type of barrels, it uses the same wort to create the base beer, and it’s about the same age as Measure of Patience. The primary difference in Substantially Complete is the approach to blending.

Substantially Complete uses similar sources of blending stock as Measure of Patience. The difference between the two beers is a reflection of the different goals we had for the blend. Measure of Patience was a blend to satisfy and impress people that have tried a range of mixed fermentation beers, while being a balanced beer that would not be overwhelming in any way for people new to these beers. Substantially Complete by comparison was blended to be more direct in both its fruit character and acidity. To do this we pick different barrels and blend them in different proportions to highlight the characteristics we’re seeking. The result is a beer that is more assertive than Measure of Patience, but also with a balance that will surprise and delight drinkers. As a beer, we feel it’s Substantially Complete.

Pulling samples from barrels at The Monolith to test different blends.
Head Brewer Doug testing blends for the ideal flavour profile.

As we did with our last releases we’re doing a special launch event in the Bottle Room at the Ritchie Market for Substantially Complete. The launch is taking place Sunday, March 8th starting at 11am. We’ll be offering 100ml pours of the beer in the Bottle Room, as well as selling up to two 750ml bottles to go per person. For this release we only have 750ml bottles available. Details on the event can be found on our facebook event.

Starting March 8th Substantially Complete will also be available at Biera with glass pours and full bottles available. Chef Christine will be doing a special food pairing for the day. After the launch event we’ll continue to offer Substantially Complete for in-house consumption at Biera as well as for offsales with the same purchase allocation (two 750ml bottles per person).