Blind Enthusiasm X Flannel Foxes

We’re collaborating with our friends at Flannel Foxes to bring a little warmth at the start of a Canadian winter. We brewed up a tasty dark wheat ale with Canadian spruce tips that’s sure to warm up your evenings. We’re also collaborating on a pair of Canadian-made mittens. For every pair sold, we will donate one pair of mittens to someone in need of warmth.

Beer Collab

Canadian spruce tips were added to a specially brewed dark wheat ale for this all-Canadian collaboration. Want to Explore Canada West with us? Well, what better way than to taste it in your beer? The spruce tips add herbaceous sweetness to this dark ale and blend with characteristic banana and spice notes to create a delicious fall beer.
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Mitten Collab

Share some warmth this winter by getting your hands on these mittens. For every pair sold, one pair of high quality Canadian-made mittens will be donated to the Bissell Centre, an organization empowering individuals and families to overcome poverty in Edmonton.

These mittens are ethically made in Canada. Each mitten features a spruce tree in celebration of the Canadian West, framed in the Blind Enthusiasm eye.

We’re excited to release this mitten collaboration at the Biera Market on Saturday, Nov. 20. A special discounted mitten+beer combo will be available! The mittens will also be available at, with shipping available across Canada.
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Who is Flannel Foxes?

Flannel Foxes is a nostalgic apparel company that celebrates the best of Canada. They are committed to ethically-made, socially conscious goods. Their products are made in Canada, meaning that they make quality clothes with partners that treat their people right.
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