The Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company is looking to expand its brewing team with the addition of two Assistant Brewers: one at The Monolith, and one at the Market. The Market is known for brewing clean beers, particularly lagers, and barrel-aged beers. The Monolith is known for its mixed fermentation and spontaneous beers.

Each successful candidate will be assigned to a position at one of the breweries with limited direct work crossover with the other. Duties for each position are consistent with standard brewing jobs and are outlined in the attached job description. At both locations new hires will be first trained in cellaring and once that is mastered they will be trained in brewing. These are full time, permanent positions.

Salary for this position is $42,500.

Our preferred candidates will have either industry experience, training at a brewing school, and/or a laboratory or science background. A familiarity with technology is also an asset as we have a variety of online systems used at our breweries.

To apply to this position please send your cover letter and resume to

Job Description

Assistant Brewer, Blind Enthusiasm Brewing Company

Reports to:
President, Head Brewers, and all employees appointed by the Corporation to be in a supervisory position to the Employee

Working under the Head Brewers to operate the brewing program at the Blind Enthusiasm’s Market Brewery and/or The Monolith

Under the work direction of the Head Brewers the Assistant Brewer will contribute to the operations of both of the Blind Enthusiasm breweries as directed as well as the barrel programs associated with each location. Duties will range from brewing beer, managing fermentation, doing packaging, maintaining pub equipment, cleaning of equipment and facilities, and cleaning/moving/filling barrels.

Specific duties and requirements include:

  • Collaborate with the Head Brewers on budgeting and inventory management to develop yearly operating plans
  • Executing on brewing of, but also contributing to design of beers for the breweries. Specific duties the Assistant Brewer will contribute to will include:
    • Recipe development, selection of yeast, and brewing of beer for standard, experimental, and barrel-aged beers
    • Brewing of beer from ingredient sourcing to packaging
    • Creation and delivery of cask ales
    • Maintenance of brewery yeast
    • Laboratory work to test beer quality and development
    • QC control and tasting panel participation for beer quality
    • Cleaning and maintaining the brewhouse, fermentation space, keg washing and milling areas
    • Assisting with maintenance and overall cleanliness of entire brewery, barrel room and cellar
  • Contributing to safety and a positive working environment for all brewery and taproom staff
  • Contributing to managing the barrel-aging program at the The Market brewery
    • Collaborate in the design of the experimental barrel aging programs
  • Working with The Monolith Head Brewer to maintain barrel inventory
  • Working with The Monolith Head Brewer to procure barrels and foeders for wood aging
    • Prepare, maintain and clean barrels and foeders
    • Fill and move barrels and foeders as required
    • Drive a forklift or handtruck to manage brewing equipment, raw materials, and barrels
  • Ensuring quality delivery of kegged beer and beer from serving tanks in both breweries
    • Supervise and schedule the cleaning of tap lines, growler filler, casks, and jockey boxes used in both breweries
  • Participating in any other packaging duties
  • Participating in brewing industry events and festivals representing the company
  • Performing other duties as assigned
  • Working to high quality standards with and without direct supervision
  • Lift 55 lbs to shoulder height repeatedly
  • Maneuver beer kegs around the brewery (165 lbs)
  • Maneuver beer barrels (500lbs) around the brewery (with assistance)